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Who's responsible for this nonsense?

A woman in a furry hat with bear ears and bear makeup.

Jasmin Tomlins
(a bear)


Artistic Director

Your friendly neighborhood AD-cum-stage manager. This is largely her fault.


Jasmin Tomlins began her Shakesjourney in middle school with a small summer scene study program during which she played Ophelia, Titania, Verges, and Caesar's poor corse, was a Peanut in Mackers in high school, and spent most of her backstage time empathizing with spoons as a prop master. She left the theatre entirely in college and majored in Chemistry, repressing her deep longing for involvement in the art until she finally figured herself out a decade later and came roaring back in stage management just in time for everything to come to a screeching halt due to Covid-19.


But she wasn't about to let it stay halted, not when she'd just come back, so now she's here... because theatre never stops, it just moves.

Her abiding loves are creating safe and encouraging spaces for actors, stories of all kinds, and the raw beauty and passion of the human soul expressed through language and movement. Her dream role is to one day say "go" at
The Globe, and she's so grateful to be doing this work with all you lovely people.

A woman who legitimately looks as if she woke up this way.

Assistant Stage Manager
Technical & Feelings Director

Ophelia Marksfeld lives in Southern California and collects teacups and dogs. She is old, but not in the fun "do whatever you want and who's gonna stop you?" way, just in the "too old for this sh*t" way. She does not take Shakespeare and his work Very Seriously. She thinks the man was a troll and that's what she loves most about him. She would rather be identified by her passions than by her job - she loves to cook, bake, paint, knit, write, sculpt, and build - none of that is what pays the bills, but it's what speaks to her soul. She's really excited to be here - it is everything she did not realize she desperately wanted in her life.

Ophelia Marksfeld



a bowl of blueberries




Brianne is a grad student at UC Berkeley. They first started loving Shakespeare in sixth grade when they went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. They've been in small roles in Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. They study legal history of gender and sexuality at Cal. Unfortunately, they study the early 19th century US, so they don't spend as much time as they’d like talking about Shakespeare (although let them know if you want to talk about 1830s moral reformers or f/f relationships). They're really here for the dramaturgy/history/footnoting aspect of Shakespeare, although they like acting too. Also into reading Sparknotes and Shakespeare footnotes and complaining about how they don’t explain the gay stuff. They like Shakespeare fandom: all the tumblrs and memes and weird theories online. Their favorite plays have changed over time, but they love Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus (mostly because it’s gay), Macbeth, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Julius Caesar, and they think Two Noble Kinsmen is terribly under appreciated. Their dream role is “writer of footnotes on Shakespeare plays,” and they're a bowl of blueberries because they're a person of mystery.

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