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Don't have much to tell you here!

"Wherefore?" you ask? Because at any given time we only know what the next four plays will be—save two*—and learn what the next play will be a few minutes after the curtain falls! We try to rotate evenly between Comedy, History, and Tragedy, and then within each category we roll a die with an appropriate number of sides to decide which of the plays will be next.


So we continue until the canon is complete...

And then we start again!


For those who weren't in attendance when it was selected, the day's play is announced around 10:00am CDT in the Discord channel, on our Twitter, or you can know everything we know by looking at our calendar.

There are two exceptions to the rule of Outrageous Fortune.

1) Out of respect for the majority of the company's ability to sleep, the four longest plays (
Hamlet, CymbelineCoriolanus, and Richard III) are moved to the Sunday after they are rolled. 

2) Out of respect for... well... the majority of the company's ability to sleep, Titus Andronicus is also moved to the Sunday after it is rolled. It is widely considered to be the most brutal of the plays, and for the safety of our Players we take extra precautions with it that can cause it to go long.

* It's company tradition to begin each cycle with Twelfth Night and end with The Winter's Tale

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