Code of Conduct

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

—All's Well That Ends Well                  

Kindness, compassion, encouragement, and engaging in good faith with those around us are always incredibly important, especially so in these difficult and stressful times. Especially especially so in a space like this, where we come to take risks and be brave in trying new things, in expressing ourselves earnestly and honestly. In an effort to make our space as safe, inclusive, and welcoming as we can, we take this ethos very seriously.

Shakespeare is for everyone!

Yes, everyone. This is, perhaps, our most important ideal. As those familiar with his work will know, one of the hallmarks of The Bard is his insight into the human condition: love, friendship, jealousy, rage, greed, valor, mercy; all are writ in the rawness of their horror and beauty, and the themes at the base of characters and plays are ones that are still very relevant, ones we all can understand.

Although his works have become somewhat of a "high culture" experience—perhaps in part because of the unavailability of Elizabethan English to the modern audience—we think it's important to give the opportunity to experience and be part of it to anyone who wants it.

(After all, although they sound fancy... fart jokes are fart jokes no matter the elegant flourish of their delivery.)

...but commentary is for the text.

Talk all the trash you want about Angelo; he is in fact, largely, the dirt worst! We do not, however, talk any trash about his player, their delivery, their character choices, their familiarity with the language, their ability to pronounce anything, &c. After all, we're all reading it cold, and some are reading it ice cold! If someone asks you how in the name of God, St. George, and Henry they're meant to say "Shrewsbury" you can certainly answer, but corrective interruption is discouraged.

Please don't be worried or embarrassed if you've never been on stage or taken an acting class, nobody's going to judge you for it. In fact, if that's the case, we're double proud of you for reading!

Respect for one another's identities and situations.

This above all: to thine own self be true.


Whether it be what you wish to be called, your gender (and the expression thereof), pronouns, sexuality, or anything else of that ilk, it will be respected. You may notice the appearance of everyone's pronouns on the site for just this reason; we don't wish for anyone to feel abnormal or singled out in any way, so we're all opting in!

Don't know anything about Shakespeare? GREAT! Get in the car, we're all incredibly excited to introduce you!

If you don't have a good quality microphone for whatever reason, no-one's going to judge you for your sound quality (although we will try to help you futz around with it to get it the best we can, since we want to hear your lovely voice). If you've got kids running around in the background, we get it. (Maybe we can teach them to yell "A Talbot! A Talbot!") A pet that really wants to play First Citizen? Understandable, it's a good part. 

Lots of things are out of our control right now, and we're all going to do our best to be more patient than Hotspur. a lot.

When in doubt... 


(to yourself too.)