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Our casting is an open call: whatever you want to play, come and ask for it! The only requirements are a microphone (or a webcam if you're signing), the ability to somehow know what words to say, and genuine enthusiasm.

Never taken a single acting class but want to play King Lear? Go for it. Someone once told you "you can't play          , you're not          !" or told you you had to take a certain role because of who you are? Well, they're not here and also we think they're wrong. You can play anyone you want to, and you're going to be great. We can't wait to hear it.

Here's how it goes:

If you'd like to be cast in a reading, you hop into the casting channel before 5:30 pm CDT (or 10:30am CDT on Sundays). There will be a message with further information about the play in that channel.

5:30 pm/10:30 am: the Stage Manager will ring the bell, and you'll say the name of the character you want. Provided nobody else yelled it first/at the same time, you got the part. Congratulations! If someone else did, there will be a Role Roll. (If you're playing your Dream Role you've bypassed this process, but please come claim your role!)

5:50 pm/10:50 am: If you've played a part with us before and you want to do it again, this is when you can ask for it if it's still uncast.

6:00 pm/11:00 am: Second round of casting! Pick another role if there are some left and you want one. We start sorting the Peanuts out to those who asked for them. 

6:10 pm/11:10
 am: Free for all! Take whatever you want from the remaining roles if there are any. The Stage Manager will let you know when your call is for tech.

Tech: We'll check whatever equipment you're using to make sure it works and everyone can hear (or see) each other.

7:00 pm/12:00
 pm: We start the reading!

Role Roll

Role Roll
role roll.jpg

Multiple calls for the same role within the same minute are dealt with as follows:

  • The Stage Manager will roll a twenty-sided die for each party who wants the role.

  • Whoever gets the highest number gets the role, and those who were not cast get a +5 modifier the next time they Role Roll. This bonus stacks, so if you vie for a role and aren't cast a second time, you'll have a +10. The bonus will be automatically applied to your subsequent rolls, +5 at a time, until you run out of it.

  • If you were cast, lucky you! If you weren't, you can still pick from the roles that have not already been claimed.

Dream Role

Dream Role

Pretty much what it says on the tin! This is the role you know you were born to play, with the words you were born to say, and your blood thrills at the thought!

GOOD. Tell the Stage Manager!

Each Player, upon entrance to the company, can—if desirous—choose a
Dream Role.


(Just one.)

(I know.)

(You can choose another one next cycle.)

It will be marked down for you. When the play is rolled you'll be notified and, if no-one else has picked the same role, it will automatically be cast to you. If there is more than one person with any given role chosen as their Dream Role, there will be a contested roll as described above save that if you lose the roll, you will have a +10 bonus noted down that will be applied the next time you roll for that character. This roll, having more weight to it, is done before casting starts, which means if you aren't cast as desired you have a chance at the first round of general casting as well. 

Not being cast under this circumstance stings, but eventually you will play that role.

Hamlet will come around again, we promise.

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